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Terre Margaritelli

Organic Certified in Italy

Since 1870, the Margaritelli family has associated their name and history with the unique nature of this land, a region fortunate in its environment and artistry, backed by a rich tradition of mysticism and sacred character. From a determination to infuse products with the worth and genuineness of the land, in synergy with the passion and creativity that for decades has inspired and distinguished the family Margaritelli, is born a label profoundly authentic: Terre Margaritelli.

Around thirty hectares are designated for regular production and market, while the other 22 hectares consist of experimental vines. The winery, in fact, in line with a family tradition always oriented towards innovation and the quest for perfection, is equipped with an experimental wine laboratory which works with small quantities of diverse varietals. They test the production of each and seek to optimize the process of vinification, in relation to the specifications unique to the terroir of Torgiano.