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Rubinelli Vajol

It’s best if we just let winemaker Nicola Scienza explain it himself.

“The Rubinelli Vajol philosophy is to offer the beauty and delicious goodness coming from the very heart of Valpolicella. The land of Vajol is located in the center of Valpolicella. The charm of our country house, our cellars, of the Corte of Sant’Anna, and the village of Vajol, the landscape covered in vineyards, defined by brick walls, decorated by olive trees, and cherry blossoms and almond trees, is the very essence of Valpolicella’s classical beauty. Our delicious wine, a sublime nectar produced by our grapes, contains a sweet secret stored in the heart of Valpolicella: a slow time, during which our grapes mature in the valley kissed by the sun, and protected by the rolling hills. The correct time for the grapes to rest and finally enjoy sleepy dreams inside great oak barrels, in the cool cellar built into the side of the mountain.”