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Lodmell Cellars

Welcome to Lodmell Cellars of Walla Walla. The evolution of the winery is an important part of my story and I invite you into a journey of our history. In late 1880, my great grandfather settled 30 miles northwest of Walla Walla, known as Eureka, Washington today. The vast area of virgin land was developed into dry land wheat and sustained a family of four children. The oldest child, my grandmother, grew up farming and rode a horse and buggy to Walla Walla High School in the ear-ly 1900’s. She married a Lodmell in Walla Walla during the roaring 1920’s. She never gave up her interest in the farm, always taking notes of wheat prices, the weather and year to year bushels per acre. This “best practice” and knowledge of farming has been passed down two generations.

—Kristie Lodmell