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Château La Grézette

The history of Château Lagrézette goes back to the 12th century, at which time the site was a medieval fortress. In the 15th century, Adhémar de Massaut built a castle on the old foundations located on the ‘petite grèze’, a hill overlooking the river Lot, and was aptly named Lagrézette.

In the 16th century, Marguerite de Massaut, granddaughter of Adhémar, became the first woman owner of the domaine. Her surname Dame Honneuris now given to one of the Château’s most prestigious wines. The first vines, a malbec varietal, were planted and in 1503, when she married Pierre de Maffre, the first records of the wine harvest appeared.

Producing some of the finest wines in the Cahors, Lagrezette offers timeless wines of structure and finesse to be enjoyed today or for years to come.